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Veedol Lubricants offers an extensive range of lubricating oils and greases designed for arduous Australian conditions. Market sectors served include mining, energy, chemical, construction, defence, transport, agriculture, utilities, food and manufacturing.

Veedol products are available in a range of pack sizes including 5, 20, 205 and 1000 litre. Bulk delivery to large-scale undertakings is also an option.

  • Passenger Car Motor Oils +

    Engine oils are primarily designed to lubricate engines for the purpose of reducing friction. They perform a range of functions in the modern engine including reducing wear, inhibiting corrosion and actively cooling the engine by transferring heat away from moving parts. Read More
  • Diesel Engine Oils +

    People say it's trucks that keep Australia moving and that without trucks, Australia stops. Whether in your plant or on a linehaul, diesel engines are typically found in mission critical applications - the ones where premature failure is not an option. Read More
  • Gear & Transmission Oils +

    Gear oils are widely used in automotive and industrial applications. They are high viscosity oils which are specifically engineered for use in transmissions, transfer cases and differentials. Read More
  • Hydraulic Oils +

    Hydraulic oils are used as a power transfer medium in hydraulic equipment. They are engineered for very low compressibility to ensure efficient operation. Applications include an extremely wide range of mobile and stationary industrial equipment and machinery. Read More
  • Greases +

    Greases are plastic or semi-solid, thixotropic lubricants which are typically based on mineral and/or vegetable oils. Soaps are commonly used to build viscosity, but other thickeners such as clay are found in various applications. Read More
  • Coolant & Brake Fluids +

    Most engine coolants and hydraulic brake fluids utilise glycols in their formulation. Glycols are used in applications where controlling corrosion is of critical importance in maintaining reliability. Read More
  • Industrial +

    Complementing Veedol's range of hydraulic oils, gear oils, greases and other lubricants, this category contains products designed for specific industrial applications which each feature a unique set of demanding requirements. Read More
  • Agricultural +

    Veedol Country lubricating oils are specified for engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems in a wide range of agricultural and off-road equipment including tractors, harvesters, dryers, pickers, augers and cultivators. This is Veedol Country. Read More
  • Food, Cosmetic, Veterinary, Pharmaceutical +

    Veedol specialises in lubricating oils and greases used throughout the food, cosmetic, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries. Accordingly, Veedol Lubricants is known for the broad base of technical knowledge and experience it possesses with regard to the use of mineral oils in these highly specialised applications. Read More
  • Biolubricants +

    Biolubricants are often found in applications where minimising the environmental impact of lubricating oils is important. Read More
  • Outdoor & Marine +

    Products for marine and outdoor applications are engineered with specialised properties to ensure suitability and performance. Read More
  • Specialty Products +

    Veedol Specialty Products have been formulated to ensure high quality results while complying with WHS requirements. Read More
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