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Specialty Products

Specialty Oils

Veedol Specialty Products assist Veedol customers in the course of their daily operations. By complementing its range of lubricating oils and greases with products designed specifically to make your life easier, Veedol ensures the ancillary products that help to keep things neat and tidy are always close at hand.

Veedol Specialty Products have been formulated to ensure high quality results while complying with Workplace Health and Safety requirements and environmental legislation that form an important part of the regulatory environment in which businesses operate today.

Veedol offers a full range of lubricants covering every market sector. Our products help to keep tried and tested equipment in good working order, while our research and development team formulates innovative lubricant technology for tomorrow.

Fuel System Treatments – For petrol and diesel engines



Degreasers & Solvents – For workshop and industrial applications

Brake Part Cleaner

Hi-Flash Part Cleaner


Degreaser Synveco

AquaSol Degreaser

Hi-Flash Degreaser

Kero Clear

VetraSol NR

Cleaning Products – For workshop and domestic applications

Tire Shine

Window Shine

Truck Wash

Hand Cleaner