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Passenger Car Motor Oils

Passenger Car Motor Oils

Engine oils are primarily designed to lubricate engines for the purpose of reducing friction. They perform a range of functions in the modern engine including reducing wear, inhibiting corrosion and actively cooling the engine by transferring heat away from moving parts.

Along with a servicing program conducted according to your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations, choosing a quality motor oil is one of the best things you can do to ensure smooth, reliable and economical performance in the long term.

Taking advantage of Veedol's long and illustrious history in all facets of lubrication, Veedol lubricants deliver exactly what they promise - from the road to the race track and beyond.

Grand Rally – High Performance Engine Oils

Developed to meet the performance levels demanded by modified and/or highly tuned engines found in street-legal vehicles and motorcycles as well as in competitive motor sports. Ideally suited for naturally aspirated, turbocharged and supercharged engines, this superior range of engine oils is formulated with modern additive technology and provides enhanced heat resistance, anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties for maximum power and longetivity.


Grand Rally Syncroma 5W20 SN/GF5

Grand Rally Syncroma 5W30 SN/CF

Grand Rally Syncroma 5W40 SN/CF

Grand Rally SemiSyn 10W40 SM/CF

Grand Rally Syncroma 10W50 SJ/CH-4

Grand Rally Syncroma 10W60 SM/CF

Syncroma - Full Synthetic Engine Oils

Formulated utilising modern synthetic engine oil technology to provide superior lubrication compared to conventional mineral-based oils. The Syncroma series is designed for engines requiring low viscosity SAE 5W30 oils and is comprised of grades which satisfy both high and low SAPS requirements. Syncroma series lubricants are suitable for longer drain intervals required by many modern European and Asian standards for vehicles including diesel passenger cars and SUVs.


Syncroma 5W30 A5B5

Syncroma 5W30 DL-1

Syncroma 5W30 C1

TopLine - Long Life Engine Oils

Designed for reliable everyday motoring, TopLine engine oils are suitable for turbo and naturally aspirated late model petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles, particularly multi-valve, multi-cam models and some four stroke motorcycles. TopLine engine oils offer low emissions, excellent valve train lubrication, improved fuel economy and service life together with maximum protection against wear and sludge formation. Suitable for use with E10, ULP, PULP, LPG and diesel fuels.


TopLine 10W30 SN/CF

TopLine SemiSyn 10W40 SL/CF

TopLine 15W50 SL/CF

TopLine 20W50 SM/CF