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Coolant & Brake Fluids

Coolant & Brake Fluids

Most engine coolants and hydraulic brake fluids utilise glycols in their formulation. Glycols are used in applications where controlling corrosion is of critical importance in maintaining reliability.

Engine coolant assists in the effective management of heat in an engine through cooling the engine block and cylinder head. Hydraulic brake fluids are a special class of hydraulic fluids which are designed for use in brake and clutch systems in a wide range of vehicles.

The first indicator of quality is consistency. Veedol automotive specialty products are designed for peace of mind, giving you the confidence to get where you're going - safe and on time, today and tomorrow.

Engine Coolant

955 Engine Coolant

497 Engine Coolant

Total Solution Engine Coolant

Hydraulic Brake Fluid

Hydraulic Brake Fluid HD DOT 3

Hydraulic Brake Fluid HD DOT 4