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Food, Cosmetic, Veterinary, Pharmaceutical

Food Cosmetic Veterinary Pharmaceutical Oils

Veedol specialises in lubricating oils and greases used throughout the food, cosmetic, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries. Accordingly, Veedol Lubricants is known for the broad base of technical knowledge and experience it possesses with regard to the use of mineral oils in these highly specialised applications.

Veedol is well placed to provide advice on the myriad of scenarios in which Liquid Paraffins are used today, from industrial applications to food and personal care.

Arbell series Mineral White Oils are renowned for their high levels of stability, purity and consistency in applications where those attributes are a key characteristic, such as cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Arbell – Mineral White Oils


Available in ISO grades 15, 32 and 68.

Arbell Synveco – High Stablilty Vegetable Oils

Arbell Synveco

Available in ISO grades 15, 32 and 68.

Petroleum Jelly – Pharmaceutical grade lubricant and ointment

Petroleum Jelly BP