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VetraBit - Renewable additives for asphalt production

VetraBit is a range of products developed by Veedol Lubricants for the road-building industry. VetraBit products are available to suit a wide array of applications. VetraBit products include:

•    Cutter and flux oils
•    Liquid and solid warm mix additives
•    Release agents
•    Rejuvenating agents

Workplace Health and Safety
Workers in many industries are routinely exposed to the materials they handle. Industries such as infrastructure and construction present an unusual set of circumstances in that it is not possible to engineer an environment which largely protects workers from hazards. In situations such as those, the use of non-toxic materials which limit WHS risks is of paramount importance.

Renewable Technologies
The need for renewable technologies in the area of road-building as well as in a plethora of industrial applications both in Australia and around the world has never been as clear as it is today. With the scarcity of virgin aggregate in Europe and the rising price of bitumen, renewable technologies for the road-building industry offer the potential to extract maximum value from recycled materials while minimising waste and reducing environmental harm through the use of green technologies.

Environmental Issues
Many industrial chemicals cause significant harm if accidentally released into the environment. Although diesel fuel is commonly used in construction-related activities and as a solvent in products such as Cold Mix Asphalt (CMA), it is well known that one litre of diesel fuel has the potential to contaminate one million litres of drinking water. The development of biodegradable materials which minimise contamination of land and aquatic resources is a key focus of Research and Development undertaken by Veedol Lubricants.

About VetraBit
The subject of an ongoing Research and Development program, VetraBit products are based upon green, renewable chemistry and are manufactured from vegetable-based materials which are biodegradable and non-toxic. The VetraBit range is engineered to promote the effective use of recycled materials such as Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and allow for reductions in energy use and emissions.

Many bitumen and asphalt technologies including adhesion agents and warm mix additives rely heavily on fatty amines, which carry a range of hazards to workplace health and safety. In comparison, VetraBit presents a novel approach to the issues associated with conventional road-building techniques, yielding products that are safe for workers, safe for the jobsite and safe for the environment – safe for tomorrow.



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