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Gear & Transmission Oils

Gear & Transmission Oils

Gear oils are widely used in automotive and industrial applications. They are high viscosity oils which are specifically engineered for use in transmissions, transfer cases and differentials.

Veedol's range of mineral and synthetic gear and transmission oils offers excellent wear, corrosion and oxidation resistance to gears and bearings. Grades are available to suit most original and performance equipment.

The entire range of Veedol lubricants is formulated for performance under demanding Australian conditions. In particular, Veedol gear and transmission oils offer high shear stability and possess enhanced frictional properties, yielding superior performance in high load and high temperature environments.


AutoTrans – Automatic Transmission Fluids

AutoTrans fluids are designed for increased protection, reduced deposit formation, longer fluid life and smoother transmission operation. Dexron grades exceed the requirements of General Motors Dexron specifications, while specialised grades are available for a wide range of applications including CVT. In particular, AutoTrans S6 is a high performance, synthetic lubricant designed comply with the requirements of an extensive range of European, Asian and American vehicles.


AutoTrans CVT

AutoTrans Dexron II/IID

AutoTrans Dexron III/IIID

AutoTrans FBT

AutoTrans Syncroma S6

MonoGear – Monograde Gear Oils

The MonoGear series is designed for applications where only monograde gear oils may be used. TT80 is an API GL4 lubricant for automotive transmissions or spiral-bevel and worm axles where extreme pressure oils are not required. LS90 Limited Slip is an API GL5 extreme pressure lubricant designed for use in limited slip differentials as well as in normal gear applications. Premium additives with high shear stability provide protection against oxidation, wear and corrosion.


MonoGear TT80 GL4

MonoGear LS90 GL5

MultiGear – Multigrade Gear Oils

MultiGear is a series of high quality API GL5 extreme pressure gear lubricants designed for use in differentials, manual transmissions and other automotive gear cases. They are available in mineral and synthetic variants, with the synthetic lubricants providing outstanding gear, synchroniser and bearing lubrication together with excellent cold flow properties. Used in high heat, high load and constant running commercial situations, they offer the potential for extended drain cycles.


MultiGear 75W90 GL5

MultiGear 80W90 GL5

MultiGear 85W140 GL5

MultiGear LS85W140 GL5

MultiGear Syncroma 75W90 GL5

MultiGear Syncroma 75W140 GL5

TranShift - Heavy Duty Transmission Oils

The TranShift series of new-generation transmission oils includes both mineral and synthetic variants and has been developed to meet the requirements of a wide range of manual transmissions found in heavy duty automotive, agricultural and off-road equipment. Available in grades HT10 and HT30 to suit Alison C4 (except WT) and Caterpillar Powershift transmissions and TT50 and TT60 for most heavy duty truck transmissions including Caterpillar, Fuller, Road Ranger and Volvo.


TranShift HT

Available in SAE grades 10 and 30.

TranShift TT

Available in SAE grades 50 and 60.

TranShift Syncroma TT50