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Outdoor & Marine Lubricants

Outdoor & Marine Engine Oils

Veedol understands the running conditions for which an extensive range of equipment is designed. We understand that lubricating oils and greases for use in marine and outdoor applications are often required to possess specialised properties that ensure their suitability and performance.

For example, marine lubricants typically require anti-corrosion properties suitable for environments featuring high levels of salt, while air-cooled motors require lubricants designed to accommodate higher running temperatures.

Veedol offers a full range of lubricants covering every market sector. Our products help to keep tried and tested equipment in good working order, while our research and development team formulates innovative lubricant technology for tomorrow.

CBO / CBO Synveco – Chain & Bar Oil for lubrication of chain saws


CBO Synveco

Biodegradable Chain & Bar Oil available in ISO grades 100, 150 and 220.

Outboard Motor Oil OB-C3 – For lubrication of marine two-stroke engines

Outboard Motor Oil OB-C3

Two Stroke Oil – For lubrication of two-stroke engines

Two Stroke Oil