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Grease Gun Industrial Equipment

Greases are plastic or semi-solid, thixotropic lubricants which are typically based on mineral and/or vegetable oils. Soaps are commonly used to build viscosity, but other thickeners such as clay are found in various applications. The physical properties of greases vary depending on the soap base and additives used in a particular formulation.

Greases are widely used in bearings, which are a critical component of automotive and industrial vehicles, equipment and machinery.

Veedol grease products are engineered to meet and exceed widely-accepted industry standards. Products are available to suit most automotive, industrial and specialist applications including high load and high temperature environments.

Greases – For industrial and automotive applications

MP.Li.EP Multi-Purpose Grease

Alithplex EP2

Tacalithplex EP2

Moly Tacalithplex EP2


FM Grease

MP.Li.0EP Multi-Purpose Grease

EPNEC Fluid Grease

NM Grease