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Diesel Engine Oils

Diesel Engine Oils

People say it's trucks that keep Australia moving and that without trucks, Australia stops. The lifeblood of a diesel engine is its lubricating oil. It's one of the things that keeps your rigs on the road - keeps everything on track.

Whether in your plant or on a linehaul, diesel engines are typically found in mission critical applications - the ones where premature failure is not an option.

Veedol diesel engine oils aren't just meant for Australia - they're made for it. With manufacturers' maximum oil drain specifications little more than a mirage under Australian conditions, Veedol makes long drain a reality.

DieselStar – High Performance Diesel Engine Oils

DieselStar engine oils are formulated to meet the requirements of modern diesel engines fitted with electronic emission control systems complying with global emission standards while at the same time providing for long haul, extended drain cycle applications. SHP Turbo Long Drain is recommended for all US, European and Japanese heavy-duty diesel engines while Syncroma Euro is designed to suit late-model European diesel engines running on low-sulphur diesel fuels.


DieselStar Syncroma Euro 10W40 ACEA E9-04

DieselStar SHP Turbo Long Drain 15W40 CJ-4/SM

SuperStar – Multigrade Diesel Engine Oils

Designed for late model turbocharged diesel and petrol engines to provide optimum protection across a wide range of engine types. Specific viscosity grades meet the requirements of modern, mixed fleet operations which include engines using emission control technologies to meet current exhaust emission standards. SuperStar series oils offer optimum control of viscosity, oxidation, corrosive wear and temperature stability as well as control of soot and piston deposits.


SuperStar JS 15W40 CI-4/SL

SuperStar Turbo 15W40 CI-4/SL

SuperStar Turbo 15W50 CI-4/SL

HDS3 – Long Life Diesel Engine Oils

Originally formulated to meet Caterpillar Series 3 and Alison C3 specifications, HDS3 series oils may also be used in GM Detroit diesel engines requiring a low sulphated ash residue. They may be used in various hydraulic and transmission applications such as in earthmoving equipment, and in petrol engines where a monograde engine oil is specified. HDS3 series oils are also particularly suited for older diesel engines found in mobile and stationary plant and equipment.



Available in SAE grades 30, 40 and 50.


Available in SAE grades 30, 40 and 50.